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Mythric Studios is excited to offer fans the chance to experience Starship Horizons Bridge Simulator while still in development. This enables players to play the same version you might have seen at a local convention, and even participate in the evolution of the game by providing feedback and suggestions as the game heads towards release.

The cost of Early Access is $60.00 (USD). Purchasing Early Access will give you one licensed copy of Starship Horizons that has no expiration, thus your license key will remain active for the life of the product. Only one license keys is required per 'bridge', which is commonly used for up to 6 players. If you wish to have multiple 'bridges' compete head to head or cooperatively, additional licenses will be required.

The core game server runs on Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10. While we plan to support macOS in the future that is not available today. Please be aware of that prior to your purchase.

You are purchasing access to a game that is unfinished. It will have bugs, crashes, weird behavior and possibly even stampedes (Trust us, that one on Alpha Bravo was brutal). With your feedback the game will continue to grow and improve.

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